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Re: How does Mode A fair in a

Not trolling for an argument, trolling for answers.  I am curious to know 
how it would fare in a BPL world.  If I'm going to invest in a 10M 
transceiver and antenna, it would be nice to know a little more about 
it.  It would be a real shame to get hooked on Mode A only to have it end 
up being for naught.

I have way too much local QRM on 2m downlinks, and the silly space based 
SAR radars are now polluting 70cm downlinks.  So 10M downlinks in a BPL 
world seem counter-intuitive to what appears to be a trend to go up in 
frequency.  But if 10M works and will work over time, I'll support Mode A 
satellites providing AMSAT has a plan to bring new beginners along.


At 05:15 AM 7/24/2003 -0700, kgschaffrath@beckman.com wrote:
>Trolling for an argument.
>Keith (N6ORS)

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