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Fwd: [Moon-net] Commercial use for the Moon


Very funny reading this message about storing data on the moon hahaha.
First interresting was that they need a licence to go there haha, who wants 
to stop them when they are aheading to the moon.

Then there is the technical issue. When a radio already would be a problem 
to operate on the moon, how the hell they want to have a server working 
there ????????
These things use lot of power, are more sensitive to radiation and heat, and 
in my opinion the moon would be not a very safe place to keep your data with 
this hard enviorment.

Maybe the idea is "when the earth has a severe disaster we still have our 
data on the moon", but how you wanna get it back later ?????

Interresting ideas...
When talking about a small radio its impossible, when talking about servers 
and computers all is possible hahaha...

Just writting my toughts about it :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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