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RE: Firewood for sale

Gene Davies wrote:

The elevation for the 3DA0 is even lower. 
I'm getting out the weed whacker next.

Wayne replies:

Get your antennas off the ground, above the weeds!!!   ;-)

I will have the same problem for the Christmas Island and Cocos Island AO40 operations in October.  Christmas Island is doable for me if BOTH ends can work AO40 at 2.5 degrees elevation.  To work Cocos Island, both ends would be below 1 degree elevation, which is likely to be impossible.  My only chance is to operate portable operation in an area with a huge empty field to my west or on top of an unforested hill.  Maybe I could rent a boat and work Christmas Island from the middle of Lake Michigan.  It would be easier to take a vacation in California with my portable AO40 setup.  ;-)

I hope that P3E will get into its planned high-inclination orbit.  Then hams north of the tropics will be able to work ANYTHING in the Northern Hemisphere.  For places like Christmas Island at 11 degrees south latitude, the DX range would be about the same as it is now on AO40.  But we would have excellent DX potential with one HEO satellite in a Molniya orbit (P3E) for extra-long northern paths and one or two HEO satellites in GTO orbits (AO40, Eagle) for southern DX and not-so-long DX paths.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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