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Re: RE: Beginner Birds

>On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Robert Oler wrote:
> > ...First AMSAT/NASA really needs to admit that the FM radio up there has
> > little to do with amateur radio and almost 100 percent to do with NASA
> > PR.
>Wow, I'm glad we have a reasonable board of directors that understands HAM
>radio and would never sucumb to being coerced into making such a dumb
>statement as that.

Hello Bob:

Your a bright guy and one of the leading "thinkers/doers" in amateur 
satellite work.  Based on all the stuff you have done and will do I find it 
awkward to be on the opposite side of an issue with you.  Particularly since 
I was quite proud to use PCSAT as an example in one of my SpaceNews op eds.

There are some data points that would be interesting to collect.

The first is what is the amount of random operating time for ISS vrs school 
contacts?  OK the numbers might have to be averaged over a couple of 
missions.  Some (Susan Helms) work the radio pretty hard (and she worked it 
hard on the Clear Lake Repeaters after she got her ticket and I am told does 
now in Colorado) and then there are some that used it well "infrequently".

The second is how many DXpeditions to "most wanted" countries spend the same 
amount of time in "school education" activities to make sure that they are 
doing "ham radio" as oppossed to the old fashion part of ham radio.  IE 
amateur radio operators making QSO's with amateur radio operators.

The issue is NOT if school contacts are good.  They are.  The issue is 
wheather or not they should be the focus of amateur operations on ISS.  Your 
PCSAT2 I think strikes the balance better.

Robert WB5MZO

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