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starting out with Mode-A

I started out working Mode-A on RS-10 almost ten years ago, worked it with a
2mtr iso-pole vertical and a 10mtr dipole fixed, worked it for almost two
years before moving up to AO-13 and AO-10. Mode-A on RS-10 was very busy in
fact it sounded alot like the FM birds do today it was very crowded, but you
could have a qso on it if you wanted to, or work 10 other stations if you
was just looking for a new grid square or state.

What got me hooked to move up to AO-13 and AO-10, I was lucky enough that
there was other satellite operators in the erea that was operating on those
two birds and the talk of working dx for hours sure got me interested in
making the move up. but AO-13 came down shortly after getting on, but AO-10
was still very usable but went down hill very fast, so had to wait till the
launch of AO-40 to work any real dx, and then I started to really enjoy
satellite work agian, glad I hung in there till 40 got up. Just hope there
will always be a HEO satellite up there.

But if you want to get someone hooked into satellite operations, that is if
they can be hooked, (operating satellites you either like it or you don't
kinda like cw hi hi), then invite them over while you have a good dx window
on AO-40 and then they might be willing to go the extra mile to get a better
satellite station on the air to start with and stay in it for the long haul,
rather than just buying a arrow antenna and a ht and getting burnd out and
then getting out.

Many who start out on the FM birds find out that it is not what they thought
it would be like. I have alot of fun on the FM birds only because I have had
the time on the other birds and I know what to expect out of the FM birds.

But Mode-A is the altimate "easy sat" because all you really need is a short
wave radio a wire antenna or dipole and a 2mtr almode rig with a ground
plane no tracking satellite antennas and still enjoy a great short qso, or
chase those grid squares.

But I still vote for a HEO Mode-B / UL/S satellite to go up first..
once you have worked a HEO satellite you will not want to go back. :-)

AMSAT member 27994
Greg Wycoff
Conway Springs, Ks.
Grid EM17ej

worked the following satellites
AO-13, AO-10, AO-40, AO-27, FO-20, FO-29
RS-10, RS15, RS-12/13,  SO-35, UO-14, SO-41
SO-50, KO-23, KO25, TO-31, UO-22

Home web page:

email: n0zhe@amsat.org
also email me at: GREGWYCOFF@havilandtelco.com

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