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Re: RE: Beginner Birds

Hello Wayne:

<<Unfortunately, a Mode A transponder on ISS probably wouldn't work well 
of interference from the 2m downlink of the ISS voice/packet station.  <<

I agree with you here.  My solution would be several fold.  First AMSAT/NASA 
really need to admit that the FM radio up there has little to do with 
amateur radio and almost 100 percent to do with NASA PR.  I would be 
surprised given the problems with the shuttle that we in the foreseable 
future see the packet station back on or the SSTV thing become a reality.  
SEcond.  If they materialze then a way is still possible.  The Astronauts 
(strows) could turn the transponder off when it either became time to do a 
school thing or they wanted to relieve the boredom.  Now the trick might be 
to remind them to turn the transponder back on  If the SSTV shows up then 
the station could operate in various modes at various times.

The biggest show stopper I would imagine is really just getting through the 
NASA jugernaut of getting something operating on the station.  I am always 
impressed that the smallest easiest thing can become so complex and costly 
once it hits the hallowed halls on NASA Rd 1.    And its even  more 
illustrative how valueless it all is when one attended the CAIB hearings and 
found out that SAFETY at NASA really isnt goal number 1.

Robert Oler WB5MZO

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