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RE: 2m FM from Geo (RAgeo)

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, John Wilcox / NS1Z wrote:

> Never thought I'd hear you admit to this. You must have begun to
> understand the anti-FM sentiment being voiced on this reflector...

I always understood it, but never thought the "ANTI-sentiment" necessary.
There are good uses for both FM and wideband.  What I am against is people
that are against what others like.   See ideas below...

> -----Original Message-----
> Bob Bruninga said:
> Of course, It would be stupid to operate it the way we currently
> waste our on orbit FM assets... So dont even think about it...

And I have even proposed in the past that owners of satellites have a
responsibility to TELL users how to use their satelites and to set up
procedures to facilitate optimum usage.  So far, apparently, the planned
usage is simply a free-for-all.  ANd if that is what they want, then it is
not me to criticize.  There are uses for that mode too.

But I'd still like someone to designate certain FM LEO passes for special
purposes and to operate those passes with a designated NET control to show
how well HAM radio CAN operate as long as someone provides the leadership
and the guidelines of a directed net.

Several of my ideas were:

1) Have a sign up list on a WEB page for net control ops (with backups)
2) Have the Net control call for checkins by region or whatever
3) Have a published purpose for the given net and pass
4) Have a handoff control op to provide coast-to-coast coverage

There is never time for a long subject or QSO, but surely we can be
creative and think of neat things to do for 15 minutes of organized fun...

One topic might be a LOW power pass. 5W ERP or less.  Net Control asks for
checkins by geographic region in the footprint.  Users respond with
station description.  (in 15 seconds or less each)...

Talented net control ops with moving map displays are a must.

 de WB4APR, Bob

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