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Re: [Fwd: Possible interest survey questions]

For god's sake put your views on the net!  You contribute far more than
the damn, silly computer geeks that seem to think the computer is 
everything and the rest of us are jerks!  I'll send you $36 bucks if
that is what it takes to make your membership known!  WELCOME to AMSAT!
Your far more valuable to us than internet will ever!  Let us subtract 
20 years from the latest BOD idiocy. and get the job done!   Cliff K7RR

Emily Clarke wrote:
> Hi Cliff,
> Busy day today.  Client hired a new assistant who is - well -
> clueless.  Needless to say, my gain!  :-)
> WRT to the note, I remember the original post.  Here are my answers:
> 1.  I would urge the board to consider scaling back SAREX in favour of
> other programs that might attract wider membership.
> 2.  Personally I think AMSAT Journal needs to be run like a cost
> center.  If it involves hiring a full time professional publisher to do it,
> then we should.  Increases in ad revenue should offset the cost and provide
> a better appearance for the organization.
> 3.  Choosing one over the other is divisive and will ultimately lead to
> even less membership.  My advice to the board is to put the most attention
> on whatever satellite has the earliest launch date.  If neither has a
> launch date, then equally attend to both until a launch date for one or the
> other is secured, at which time move resources as needed.
> 4. I'm not a member, but if I could afford to, I wouldn't feel elitist,
> just fortunate to have that amount of money to donate.  However, what I do
> think is elitist are those who would feel that being a member of the
> Presidents Club gives them any entitlements other than feeling good about
> themselves.
> 5. Since I don't know what ARISS's recruitment effort is, I would say
> no.  Unfortunately I have concert about whether there will be a human crew
> on ISS after this year.
> 6. Yes - I would go further and say that the Area Coordinator system
> doesn't work.  AMSAT needs to have divisions and sections just like ARRL,
> The Episcopal Church, the Green Party and other small organizations.  Just
> because you aren't huge doesn't mean you don't have management issues to
> deal with.  But as far as a knowledge base goes, it shouldn't rest solely
> with the ACs who at the moment seem ill equipped to handle a growing
> organization (and which ultimately keeps it from growing.)
> 7. Good question - and a tough one.  Should they be asked?  Maybe.  Should
> they be required?  Probably not.  Should membership in the Presidents Club
> be used to offset dues?  Definitely not.  Life members and regular members
> are different than the Presidents club.  Life members have already paid
> their dues, regular members are paying their dues, and members of the
> Presidents clubs are just - well - rich guys who like to show off.
> 8.  Neither - I'm just a bitchy lady with an attitude :-)
> I think the problem with any poll like this is that the general attitude is
> "who cares"...  And not without good reason.  If you elect someone to a
> BOD, you are answering all these questions through the individual you are
> voting for.  You shouldn't need a "poll" along with it, otherwise you don't
> have good candidates.
> However, I do wonder how the BOD candidates get selected.  I'm very
> concerned that there isn't one [NWKA]6xxx or [NWKA]7xxx call on the present
> or future board.  It is as if the Rocky Mountains were a formidable
> obstacle that no one ever crosses.  Yes, I know about travel and all that,
> but video conferencing is cheap.  No meetings should ever be required in DC
> unless it's to reward the board for tripling membership.
> I also worry that with AMSAT centered in DC, it's taking on that
> capital/political flavour.  It has that "we can't do that" feeling, and
> that's not good either.  But that's another conversation.
> 0.02,
> -eec
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