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Re: 7P8NK right now

Good point Bruce.  I thought the same thing ,just  after I posted that NOW
message to the AMSAT BB. I just created a satdx group on yahoogroups.com. I
will post some more info there when I get some time. The turnaround is
usually less then 5 minutes to get a message posted to the group. You also
can post via APRS by using the 'email'  APRS message format.  To join the
group send a message to....


This seems to work very well for the hfnow HFPACK group. Some of the group
members even  send receive messages with their cell phones, APRS portable
stations, etc. So now we have a choice join satdx, sat_dx, or sat-dx! The
choice is yours.  And if anyone want's to help moderate the group, or
intergrate it into the AMSAT net presence. Be my guest.....

73 Jeff kb2m

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> > Just worked 7p8nk, MB + 18k 5-2  NOW...
> >
> when is "NOW"? i just got the message 1130z.
> 73...bruce
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