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Re: Re: RE: Beginner Birds

Robert WB5MZO wrote:
> NASA should jump at the chance to put a Mode A transponder 
> on the station ... With the new antennas the "radios/ 
> hardware" probably could even be "inside".

Yup, antenna-wise it looks as if its ready to go ... VHF and
HF antennas are already there ...

Quoting from Frank Bauer's ARISS article in the Journal earlier
this year ...

   "A total of four antenna systems were developed
   to get maximum use of the antenna feedthroughs. 
   These were installed around the periphery of the 
   far end of the Service Module.

   Three of the antennas (WA1-WA3) include a VHF/UHF 
   flexible tape antennas. WA4 includes a 2.5 meter 
   flexible tape HF antenna. The antenna systems were
   developed by the U.S., Italian, and Russian ARISS 

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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