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Re: Beginner birds

I have stayed out of this so far but I must have been strange in that
my first satellite contact was on AO-13.  I did it for the technical challenge
and I was able to do it as a no-code Tech.  My first radio was a 2 meter 
mobile for packet.  The next two radios were a used 2 meter all mode base and 
a new mobile 70 cm all mode. I made the mistake of buying an AOP-1 antenna 
and followed up with a second mistake of buying a 70 cm power amp and not a 
better 70 cm antenna.

Like I said my first sat QSO was on AO-13 back in Jan. of 1992. I later worked 
AO-10 also. Come June of 1992 I worked FO-20 for the first time.
The big change came when I worked AO-21 on FM in Oct of 1992.

One of the local sat operators suggest I should try for "Worked all States" by 
using AO-21 only.  I bet I was one of the very few who did that and may have 
been the only one.  That started me on my QSL hunt for states, counties and 
grids.  I still don't have DXCC but I do have 831 grids and
1084 counties confirmed on satellite. I have sent out 4,307 QSL cards for
satellite QSO's and have 3,734 callsigns logged all also on satellite.

So I went from the HEO SSB to LEO FM. I have been on AO-40 as a technical 

A few more comments for now and maybe more later in another post.

Mode K had a great 2 meter downlink but I would not think most beginners would 
have an Advanced license for the uplink.

Mode A did not work at my home QTH since I have S-9 and greater noise on 10 
meters where most of the Mode A operators had their downlinks.

Almost 30% of my logged QSO are away from my QTH with most of those being
from my car.  HEO's are harder to work from my car and on the LEOs SSB birds
I found my self alone on the birds many times or when I found someone they 
could not hear my weak signal (funny since I could with my 1/4 wave and 
preamp and I was not hearing my harmonic).

I think we are all different and have different interest in the birds.

I would like to see some new digital birds!

73, Randy N7SFI

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