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RE: Beginner birds

I agree too.  RS-12/13 Mode K/A was the bee's knees!  How many HTX-100s or
10s and moded CBs are out there that can listen to a 10m downlink.  The 1st
thing I heard was shuttle paket (which I worked once) then there was
AO-21/RS-14 a FM bird that also played recorded audio (Apollo moon landing &
SSTV pic) which I could work but it was difficult.  When I listened on 10m
and heard all the stuff on RS-12/13 (it was in mode K at the time) I was
stunned after the FM only expericance here was several people chatting.  I
couldn't work RS-12/13 at the time because I was K call (novice on HF and
full on VHF up) and the 15m uplink was above the VK novice allocation but
the robot uplink wasn't so I would work the robot.  And I started using
RS-10/11 in mode A from there it is a small leap to AO-10 & 13.  Most of the
non satellite hams that I showed how easy it was to work the sats, I
introduced thru RS-12/13 mode K.  As I had found that most ham in VK have
some sort of HF radio (even TS-520, FT101) and when they heard me via the
sat on 10m and they would give it go because they only need a 15m uplink.
I also think the best entry-level satellite is Mode A linear SSB
transponder, closely followed by Mode K.
My AUS0.02 (about 0.005) worth.
Matt -VK2DAG-

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