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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2003 #323

I am not an AMSAT member, but am considering it. I have been following this
BB for a little while now, and listening and learning as much as I can in an
attempt to eventually make a couple of satellite contacts. I would just like
to through my $0.02.
 I think you people are nuts. What difference does it make what satellite I
chose to start out on? Is it not just as easy to put both types of satellite
up, inform people how they may access them, and let them decide which one
they prefer? What gives you the right to presume that I will not be
challenged enough with FM satellites. Or, anyone to say that the SSB sats
would be to challenging for a newcomer. Well, I am a newcomer. Here I am,
inform me. Or, would you just prefer to belittle me like a school boy, and
tell me; Oh, silly little boy, this is to challenging for you. Is there two
different AMSAT parties, FM and Transponder, that I didn't know about?
Which one should I join? How about the, ONE THAT SUITS MY PARTICULAR NEEDS!
It sounds to me as if the "Transponders" fancy themselves as the elite,
looking down on the FMer's as if they were on welfare, or not worthy. "Oh,
there just on FM, that's not challenging". What the!? Who the!? Whatever? If
I seem a little disgusted, your probably right. Oh, and you can come back
with "I never said that", and how about this one," If you will read my
earlier post you will see," yada, yada,yada. If this is some kind of
shooting contest, count me out. Is, anyone running for Congress, I can't
tell? Why, not pay your dues, and contribute, then let the leadership decide
what is best for the group AS A WHOLE. If you don't like what they're doing,
then vote them out. If you don't like it whatsoever, then start your own
group. But, please, I'm not mindless. I can make up my mind on what
satellite I want to use. Just need some direction, not dictation. And if
this offends some one, then don't read it. I call it like I see it, and I
got my flame suit from Richard Swartze off the ATM lists. So, flame on.
Paul Lane
QTH, Hammond, IN

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