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RE: Beginner Birds

I agree with Wayne.  I think Mode A is the best balance between multiple
user access (i.e., transponder), ease of use and equipment
requirements.  A beam isn't even necessary.  I made lots of RS-10
contacts using a 2m ground plane antenna and compensated for the lack of
pointing ability with more power.  The only problem was with very high
angle passes.

I am willing to put money and effort into a bird with Mode A
capability.  My skills as a builder are not great, but I'll pledge my
labor and $1,000 for a satellite that can do Mode A.

Dave Reinhart

Much snipped.  Wayne wrote:

I think the best entry-level satellite is Mode A, which offers a quali
ty user experience and a very EASY TO HEAR 10m downlink.  The 2m SSB
uplink is more difficult than FM satellites, but it offers an upgrade
path to the higher satellites.  But maybe my thinking is biased by the
fact that I'm an "old timer" who became a ham when HF SSB was the main
attraction of ham radio.

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