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Re: Beginner birds

I had the same experience as Jerry.  RS12/13 was my first satellite.  With
hardware I already had up.  Would "practice" tuning in the middle of the
night to get the hang of things.  The FM sats were more difficult.  Could
not hear it were enough to be anything more than QRM for those that could

For me, RS12/13 and FO20/29 hooked me on Satellites for life.  An FM bird,
although fun and has its place, would not have done the same thing.


>This offered a true "easy" path to get on a satellite.  My first contacts
were on RS-12 in mode K using an FT-890 and a tri-band inv-vee (that's
10/15/20 m).  That experience (every new contact was practicaly a new
state!) led me to want to try one of those exotic FM satellite (AO-27).  It
took me 6 months and at least a half-dozen antennas (and buying a 70 cm
preamp) before I finally heard the darn thing.  I was beginning to think it
was a hoax.  My point is I had to "upgrade" to get to FM sats.  

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