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RE: Beginner birds

Wayne, you have let the cat out of the bag now. It was a well kept secret to
attracting AMSAT memebers that anyone (ANYONE!) with a basic, at the time,
ham station could hear all the fun and excitement of satellite operation
with equipment they already had. All that was required was to tune to the
proper frequency at the proper time and there it was! A plethora of users
chatting with others in SSB or CW. You could actually hear what they were
saying. No QRMing by those who only wanted to hear themselves on the
satellite. Not just one QSO but many at the same time. A quick tune of the
band and you were sure to find some topic of interest.

AMSAT has gotten away from that; maybe in part, as you say, to reflect the
current advertising blitz that gets new licensees to go the VHF FM mobile
route instead of the classic (to those of us licensed at that time) route of
a HF rig. That didn't used to be Ham Radio. Things have changed... For many
now, this IS Ham Radio. They have never experienced the thrill of tuning a
band and encountering a stranger in a distant land to chat with. This often
led to long lasting friendships because you were engaged in a QSO where you
discovered who it was you were speaking with. Now, you are meeting just
another neighbor that you might see at the car wash or grocery store.
Doesn't seem to be as intriguing anymore.

Now they are relegated to using a local repeater. Only one person can use it
at any time. Their horizons are limited by the repeater's coverage. They
don't realize that they could have access to unlimited towns, states,
countries or continents because that shiny 2 meter mobile/handheld is
limited by the repeater to be a local activity, sort of like what CB was in
the 70s...

Then again I could be just an old Fairly Articulate Reclusive Technician

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Emily wrote:

I  don't see how 10M will do as much as 2m/70cm or 70cm/23cm for attracting
new blood.  If you want young blood, go for something the techs can work
right away.

Wayne replies:

U.S. Techs are permitted to work every ham transponder ever launched, except
RS-12 "Mode K" which required an Advanced license to use the 15m uplink.
Mode A satellites use a 10m downlink, and everybody is permitted receive on
10m.  But of course you can't operate a Mode A linear transponder with an
FM-only radio, except to make slow chirpy CW contacts (and most techs don't
know the code).  Techs would need a 2m multi-mode radio and a SSB HF
receiver to operate mode A linear transponders.  The VHF multi-mode radio
would be a good building block for getting on the "higher" satellites.  An
HF receiver isn't particularly useful for other satellites, except when used
with converters.  But a VHF/UHF FM radio is even less useful for the
"higher" satellites.

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