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Re: Beginner birds

> I'm firmly convinced SSB is not a good entry level experience,  but 
> since I don't have 10M capability myself I'm only guessing that 10M 
> doppler is about the same as 2m doppler. Maybe it isn't.

Depends on how good your ears are.  It takes some practice to be able 
to hear the frequency shift on an SSB signal and tune to zero beat, but 
once your ears get trained, you never really lose it.

I really honestly prefer to listen on SSB.  I can tell so much more 
about what I'm hearing on sideband than I ever could on FM, and what I 
hear makes more sense in terms of what's actually going on at RF.  On 
FM the only clue you have that the signal is drifting out of your 
passband is the increase in noise level and possibly distortion -- you 
have to do a lot more thinking and planning ahead to keep up with it.  
On SSB you can *hear* which way it's drifting and occasionally adjust 
the RIT to zero beat the signal or even tune past it a little bit and 
let it catch up -- it's a much more natural operation at least on voice 
           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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