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Re: Beginner birds

Wayne's comments are noteworthy.  I remember RS-12/13 in mode KA as a geat combination of modes in a LEO:

1.  simultaneous 2 m uplink for techs and 15 m uplink for General/Advanced
2.  both SSB and CW were popular
3.  no steerable antennas were required (verticals and dipoles were the norm)
4.  easily worked in mode K or A with a single rig because the Doppler was so small (and predictable).
5.  lots of ops worked CW using 2 m FM uplinks if they had no 15 m gear (or ticket) or no 2 m SSB gear

This offered a true "easy" path to get on a satellite.  My first contacts were on RS-12 in mode K using an FT-890 and a tri-band inv-vee (that's 10/15/20 m).  That experience (every new contact was practicaly a new state!) led me to want to try one of those exotic FM satellite (AO-27).  It took me 6 months and at least a half-dozen antennas (and buying a 70 cm preamp) before I finally heard the darn thing.  I was beginning to think it was a hoax.  My point is I had to "upgrade" to get to FM sats.  

As Wayne said, RS-12/13 offered a "quality" satellite contact experience.  
Jerry, K5OE
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