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Re: AO-40 FEC

Frederick M. Spinner wrote:
> Here is the rub from a developer's standpoint:
> On Linux, once you get a stable OS up (which takes learning and effort, 
> yes), 90% of you effort can go to developing algorithms and 
> functionality in your programming efforts,  10% is for "GUI" and "UI" 
> efforts, and interfacing with the OS.
> In windows programming, this is reversed.  The OS does nothing for a 
> programmer, actually hindering a programmer because of the wierd 
> interfaces... The whole ".NET" framework stuff is supposed to correct 
> this, and does help somewhat, but still, 90% of effort on a Windows 
> program is GUI and 10% is algorithms/functionality.

That's an excellent summary! But your Windows figures need revision. You 
forgot the 50% of the time you have to spend waiting for Windows to 
reboot after a crash or whenever it says "you must reboot to continue".

And that's for a "virgin" Windows machine (as if Windows could ever be 
pure and innocent). As your system ages, you'll spend even more time 
waiting for each reboot as your Windows box loads more and more spyware, 
worms, ad banners/icons, splash screens, open proxy servers, viruses and 
all the other crapware that inevitably accumulates over time because of 
the total lack of any meaningful security or quality control in 
Microsoft's software.

I recently listened to somebody from Microsoft passionately jump up and 
down and insist that they've found and fixed *all* the buffer overruns 
in their code. These idiots don't have a (bleeping) clue.

And that's just a tiny sampling of the reasons I use Linux.


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