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Re: RAgeo, a low cost GEO bird

Hi Lowell,

I think it all depends on your definition of what constitutes new 
blood.  Is this young blood, or just a transfusion?

I know that a lot of people loved RS12/13, and I wish I had been around to 
use them.  And I love AO-7 Mode B and hope to work Mode A soon.  But I 
don't see how 10M will do as much as 2m/70cm or 70cm/23cm for attracting 
new blood.  If you want young blood, go for something the techs can work 
right away.  You have to offer instant gratification if you want to get 
new/young people hooked.

And although I like the idea of PSK-31 or MT63,  most young people will 
think the internet is more efficient, more reliable, and less costly for 
keyboard to keyboard, and they would be right.  However, marry amateur 
satellites with telemetry, space imagery, worldwide APRS and some other 
things that terrestrial systems can't offer, then I think you will capture 
people's imaginations.

Just my 0.02 USD.


At 03:44 PM 7/21/2003 -0500, Lowell White wrote:
>The idea of possibly offering 10M operation, possibly PSK-31 (I LIKE it!) 
>is attractive for getting new blood into the hobby. Other bands? I'd lean 
>to 432 more than 2M or  1.2/2.4Ghz.  partly due to the power budget, 
>partly due to ease of eqpt access, though 2.4 Ghz downlinks are pretty 
>easy to come by now.

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