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SAREX(ISS) and Echo

 >Bob Bruninga wrote:

|Well, we have been disagreeing with you now for some time, but...


I asked Bob who the "we" is, and hope it is not some sort of a secret 
society involved.
I never got an answer.....again, to me, "we" is all of AMSAT...

I've received many e-mails, and other communications supporting my views, 
and they are mine alone, regarding expenditures for ISS and low orbit FM 
voice birds.

I got the following interesting comment, a "what if" that I hope never happens.

"WHAT IF" more unfortunate events render AO40 useless?  What do we have in 
the wings?
Of course we cannot have a "spare bird" sitting around, but if we lost AO40 
the next thing in sight from Germany is several years off...

And that is probably my main reason for not wasting money on ISS and low 
orbit FM voice two user birds.....and spending it all to get the next 
"usable" satellite, EAGLE, in orbit...

I just got two new members, since this thread developed....How are the FM 
voice proponents doing??

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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