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Re: AO-40 FEC

> Nick,
> You just don't understand the basic imperatives of techies.  You must
> work using the most inaccessible software and hardware.  Inaccessible to
> TYPICAL user that is.

:-)  I have to smile at this because I can certainly be guilty as charged
with some of my projects!

That being said, the argument that Linux is inacessible to the typical user
is getting weaker day by day.  The Knoppix distribution of linux
(http://knoppix.net/) gives one the opportunity to play with Linux on their
windows box without writing anything to the hard drive.  (OK, I tried it on
a machine with with 96MB of memory, and had to write a small swap file to
the drive ... 256 MB machines nothing!)  You get a nice gui with all the
tools necessary to build and run Phil's software, and once you shut down and
pull out the CD-rom, your windows machine is just as you left it.

Try Knoppix, you will like it!

-Joe KM1P

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