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2.4 GHz Noise from Cordless Phones - Update

Recently the FCC helped me get rid of some QRN to my AO-40 downlink.  Here
is what had been happening lately.

All three neighbors got refunds on their AT&T phone systems, either from the
store or from AT&T.  All of these systems were 2.4 GHz cordless systems with
multiple remotes.  One neighbor bought a 5.8 GHz system with remotes, and is
causing me no noise.  However, one of the others bought a Siemens 8825
system (2.4 GHz) that produces the same popping noise as the AT&T phones.
The other bought a Panasonic KX-TG2383 "Triple Talk" (2.4 GHz) that also
produces the same noise on our downlink.  (I noticed that this one also
radiates below 2.4 GHz.  The others may too.)  The bottom line is that any
2.4 GHz cordless system with remotes is highly suspect.  The problem seems
to be the polling that takes place continually as soon as the base is
plugged into power, whether talking is occurring or not.  My own 2.4 GHz
cordless does not have the multiple remotes feature, and causes no problem.

 The solution seems to be for the phone users to go to 5.8 GHz.  At least
that is not an AO-40 downlink band.  As long as the system does not do its
polling in the 2.4 GHz band (or another of our bands) it should give us no
problems.  A call to a local Circuit City revealed that they sell three
multiple remote cordless products that operate at 5.8 GHz, and whose prices
are about the same as those at 2.4 GHz.  These products are made by
Panasonic, AT&T and VTech.  IF they do their polling at 5.8 GHz, rather than
at 2.4 GHz, they should not interfere with our downlink.

Bernie, W4SW
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