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Beacon+20 AMSAT Net


Dave, wb6llo, will conduct the Beacon+20 net on 21July03 @ 1730Z.

Most of the Americas will view most of the Pacific, to start, with good
squints.  The entire Pacific is in view towards the end of the period.

He will maintain a fixed xmit frequency, beacon+20 +/- qrm.  He'll call
for East Coast check-ins initially as their ELS lower on into the period.

The round table format after about the ~first ten check-ins to permit their
responses seemed to work best on previous passes.  If the round table is in
progress, hang in there, NC will then call for additional check-ins.

A work day is not the most propitious time for a net, but the other NC's
are pretty much limited to week-ends, given the present orbit parameters.
Low squints to accommodate the weaker stations contributed to this net-time

NC's determine their own schedules.  We need NC's.  Bill, w7us, in Tucson,
suffered some severe wind damage: He will be out of the pattern until he can
get some repairs made.

If you are interested in a turn as Net Control please contact:


            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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