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AO-40 DX Feast today.

Hello sat fans,
     Well, what a day on AO-40 today! I started the day at 0630 UTC (2:30 AM 
local) by getting in the truck and towing PortaSat II out to the beach. I was 
looking for the lowest horizon possible near home. A good idea, the bird was 
hopping with DX as soon as I was setup, and only a couple degrees above 
horizon. The home QTH has some obstructions to the east/southeast. After the gear was 
setup, I got right to work, as the squint angle was rising quickly here on 
the east coast. Worked 8J1RF on CW from Dome Fuji Station Antarctica, then a 
good group of DLs, some EAs, Fs, and Bob VU2MKP. I figured by then that I had 
better hunt down the Lesotho group before conditions deteriorated, and after 
awhile found Neil, 7P8NK on CW MB-35, yess! At 24 degrees squint, no less. I spent 
the rest of the time working YL2LW, OM3WBC, UT4QU, and Kadri, TA1D at 27 deg. 
squint. I heard only 1 VE and 3 or 4 stateside stations during my stint on 
the bird, including K5OE in QSO. Tried like heck to work A22BP, but sigs at the 
end (1025 UTC) were getting pretty weak for me. Not bad for a few hours 
operating! Lots of nice QSOs and 7 new satellite countries! Thanks to all for the 
exciting morning on the bird. Viva OSCAR - 40!
73 de Shawn, N1HOQ. Cape Cod, Massachusetts. FN-41tp
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