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AO-40 Elevation

Good morning all:

I have been operational on AO-40 for over a year now and have a

Last summer (right around this time) I was building up my 6 foot spun
aluminium dish to receive AO-40. At that time the highest the elevation
that AO-40 would go to from my location (DO00jk) was 29.7 ° .  This
summer I am getting a maximum elevation of 38° to 39.2°, better than 10°
of improvement. Why ?
Is this going to get better yet or is going to be going the other way in
years to come and maybe I will only get 19° next year ?  Maybe the
command team going to have that bird right over the top of me sometime,
then the neighbours trees can stay but he still has to come over and
rake the leaves in the fall just kidding I know that will not happen ) ?
The next question is will this satellite ever be in an orbit that will
allow the deployment of the solar array ? And on that note what changes
would anyone see if the array was deployed ? Would signals get better
from the additional power resources ? Would it allow operation of
additional Bands or Modes ??? And finally does anyone know of a website
that shows a model of AO-40 and the attitude of the space craft at any
given date or time. I use Nova and it gives me all the information but
just wondering if I could see a model of AO-40 do its thing ( one of the
disadvantages of not being that smart is having to see things to help in
understanding them ).

Thanks in advance to anyone responding for your help.

Best of 73 de VE7WFG

Armstrong BC
Amsat 29777 

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