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Re: 3731AA Downconverter

Pete VK4CCV wrote:

In the next paragraph under 'Receiver Preamp Powered 12 Volt Option' it
indicates not to use above 15 volts.

I am now confused, what voltage should be applied to the downconverter ?

Wayne W9AE replies:

"Receiver Preamp Powered 12V option" refers to if the internal 12V regulator
is disabled.  Then you can power the downconverter directly from your
transceiver's 12V "preamp" power via the coax cable, or from your 13.8V
power supply via a power inserter.

If you don't disable the internal 12V regulator, you need to power it with
15-25V via a power inserter.  That's somewhat inconvenient because then
you need a separate power supply just for the downconverter.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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