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RE: One True Rule Doppler tuning questions

Brian Wruble wrote:

Does anyone know of a program that works
with Nova, Windows XP and will do "one true rule" tuning for an FT-847?

Wayne replies:

Try W6IHG Radio Tuner.
At $20 postpaid, it is less than one tenth the cost of UniTrac.  But it only
does Doppler tuning (UniTrac also does rotor control).  And you must tune
across the transponder using a mouse-driven "tuning slider" (can't use the
radio's tuning knob when Doppler tuning is activated).

I prefer SatPC32, which has Doppler tuning built into the main program, and
supports "transparent" tuning.  That is, you tune the radio normally and the
Doppler tuning takes over as soon as you quit tuning manually.  So you might
look at SatPC32 if you're willing to try something different from Nova.  You
can download a demo version from the author's web site:
You can purchase a registration password or a "registered" CD from the AMSAT
web site.  100% of the purchase price goes to support AMSAT because the
author donated the software.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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