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One True Rule Doppler tuning questions

Hello All,
  I am authoring a program to implement the one true rule for the
combination of NOVA and the IC910 since there are not really ones usable to
me. This is going to be a great program.
  I have a problem though. When I adjust to NOVA's downlink with doppler
correction, then, with frequencies locked at the satellite, go to the
predicted transmit frequency, I do not find my station. I always have a
realtively unpredictable offset to account for. I cannot quite figure out
what i am doing wrong.  COuld someone help me with a step by step procedure
to check myself? Here is what I am doing:
1. Find the Beacon with the radio
2. enter the proper LO into NOVA, so that the actual predicted downlink
frequency matches the rig with doppler correction and 2401.323 entered at
the satellite. this turns out to be about 2255.999 990 for my UEK-3000.
3. With frequencies locked at the satellite, I match 2401.323 to the same
calculated MB value on the Uplink side (either U-band or L1-band). I thus
move down from the top of the L1 band by the same amount as moving up on the
S2 band.
   After doing this shouldn't I get predicted frequencies from NOVA that,
when i tune my uplink frequency to, I should hear my station on the
downlink? (assuming I now move off the MB frequency onto a MB+20 value or
What am I missing? some sort of offset correction for inaccuracy?

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