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Re: New keps for lost satellites

Emily with a copy to the rest of the AMSAT-bb members.  The new RADAR
keps are out for the lost satellites.  These keps will be on the AMSAT
board and Celestrack rather soon so that they can be imported directly
into you tracking program.  Right now they are in OSCULATING elements.

DTUSAT	27842	03 190.52402793
CUTE-1	27844	03 190.03363379
QUAKESAT 27845	03 190.10719870
CANX-1	85400	03 190.24560078
AAUSAT	85401	03 190.24106345

Note that the confidence level has increased to the point where 85000
series of object numbers have been assigned.  You will have to type in
these keps manually until the major information sources catch up!  This
is NOT hard!!  see:
HT and FM operators need not apply!!!    Cliff   K7RR
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