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Re: bad choice of words

Hi Greg:

You wrote:

> | This was NOT respectful of someone's ideas and thoughts, nor was it
> | respectful of the difficult job that the BoD performs, or of the members
> of  | the BoD.
> I do not dis respect any of the BoD's or our AMSAT-NA president, and I am
> sure nobody has a clue as to how much time and work they put in, or how
> difficult that job can be. so dont call me dis respectful.

Sometimes it is very difficult to express your feelings or intentions in an
email.  I had interpreted the remarks about the BoD having an axe to grind
a facetious, snide remark.  Please accept my apologies if I misunderstood
your remarks.

> No my mind is not made up (never is), it's just sound like they are saying
> everones vote does not matter on important issues. I am sure a sample
> survey will work. just dont make it sound like the other 3600 people dont
> matter.

I hope that no one interprets statistical sampling as "....the other 3,600
people don't matter".  A good statistical sampling of a cross-section of the
AMSAT membership, AND a properly worded questionnaire, will provide a very
accurate view of what projects and activities are important to the overall
membership,  at a fraction of the cost of trying to poll the entire

>  your right, there has been some good ideas out there.
> "selfish, childish comments" only come from those who have not been given
> a good answer or pointed in the right direction to find that answer, and I
> think there has been alot of that over the last week.

 Sorry, but I disagree.  Providing answers, or directions to locate the
answers, will not necessarily change their attitudes.  Questions from those
who have not been given a good answer, or pointed in the right direction to
find that answer, do not have to be selfish, or childish comments.

>> As long as I am on my "soap box", I have been amazed at the number of
>> non-members who complain about BoD decisions and the way that AMSAT >> is
operated.  A non-member has NO right to complain about an organization
>> that he does not help to support.
> I have to agree with you on that point, instead of saying they have no
> right to complian, has anyone asked them to join so they can vote for a
> in the way they see things, I bet not, I hope they will join and become
> AMSAT members.

I agree.  I hope that everyone works hard to make this membership drive a
big success.  The matching donation of dues for 100 members will go
a long way toward making this happen.  Who ever the person is, that is
providing the matching funds, THANK YOU!


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