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Re: Doppler programming question - more

Thank you all for the replies. I have a lot to read and will digest them 

A couple of points so far:

1. I don't need to calculate the Doppler shifts; I'm getting those from 
Predict running in server mode. So I'm confident that at least that part is 

2. I am trying to correct both the up and downlink frequencies at the same 
time. I'm told that I shouldn't do this. Isn't that the aim of "the one true 
Doppler rule"?

3. If I correct just the downlink then the beacon stays fairly well in tune 
for say ten minutes or so on FO-29. However, my uplink drifts and that's why 
I started on uplink correction.

I've tried to get enlightenment from other tracking programs, including Itrack 
for Windows, but it isn't easy trying to understand undocumented code.

I'll think about this some more, during the night when I should be asleep no 

By the way, I'm pleased to have added two more countries to my growing list of 
contacts made on AO-40, none from the US yet.


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