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Re: Re: Conference on Small Satellites

I have attended the conference and I think Cliff is trying to say the
same thing that I might say, but I have to clarify his first

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Cliff Buttschardt wrote:

> Of course your right Dan, this conference is primarily for commercial
> users that would dearly like to use amateur frequencies unless some
> useful compromise can be made.

I cannot justfiy that sentence.  At the two conferences I attended, there
was NO MENTION of the amateur satellites service or any interest in
putting any satellites in our bands by the very large majority of highly
paid and well supported attendees.  well over 9 out of every 10 papers
were on some very detailed aspect of very scientific research in the real
space business.

Maybe one paper a day had something to do with something on an Amateur
Satellite and almost all of these had to do with a student
low-budget-cubesat type topic. (and PCsat).  TO my observation, everyone
at the conference knew very well the differnce between their $5 to $50
million dollar programs and those cheap  "amateur" satellites.  Most think
that amateur satellites are just toys..

So, other than the few STUDENTS who were showing their "walkie-talkie"
derived cubesat designs, fully 96% of everyone there had no interest in
our service, nor our frequencies and also no interest in putting up
transponders.   Anytime such a subject would even come up, they were all
aware that they cannot operate in our bands.

> A possible solution is fully described
> in the Nov 2002 AMSAT 20th Proceedings:  "Making a Case for Amateur
> Spectrum through Research, Education and Industry Cooperation." If most
> AMSAT members only knew how difficult it is to scrap for ham radio in
> this environment we would enjoy your support.

I think Cliff here is saying the same thing I am.  The Amateur Satellite
users/operator/builder is the pauper in this business and we have to BEG
them to let us find a way to put one of our transmponders on their
missions even if we could bend their ear.

The student projects, on the other hand, ARE low budget, and appear to be
well matched to the amateur satellites service.  And the 10 or so AMSAT
members that attend the meetings try to make sure to visit every one of
the students and make sure they do understand the rules of the amateur
satellite service.

So, the Utah State Small Satellite Conference is not a threat at all.  But
the few students that do get to attend are well "recruited" by the AMSAT
members that do attend.  And being in the audience, these AMSAT memebers
also are known to stand up and "correct" any missrepresentations that may


> I've foolishly paid the entrance and travel fee while volunteering at
> Cal Poly!  My retirement ten years ago is sufficient financial benefit.
> Far more to the point, observe what is being discussed and how industry
> is going about it.  Do read the abstracts and then determine how strong
> AMSAT's position is in the real world.  THAT's what this all about.
> I'll help but not push!!!
> Cliff K7RR/W6HDO  Life member of AMSAT and Project OSCAR for 40+ years.

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