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Re: Future of AMSAT

This attitude is just astonishing to me - punish AMSAT even more because 
you don't get your way?  I can understanding voting for a BOD slate who 
will support your causes, but taking your ball and going home - well, I 
think that's sad.

BTW,  FO-29, which last I checked IS a linear satellite, was like totally 
empty on the last two passes.  I managed 1 QSO.  I called CQ over 20 
minutes in both phone and CW, and my downlink signal was S9+

So where are all the people who will flock to linear satellites?

-emily (who is a rookie, so would really appreciate someone explaining 
these things to her...)

At 03:59 PM 7/16/2003 -0700, Keith N6ORS wrote:
>Here! Here!
>Till the time, If and when we ever start on eagle , im donating my
>and support to Amsat-NZ. They are building a linear sat. And if by next
>year we are not headed in that direction ill be sending them my dues
>I already paid for this year.
>Keith (N6ORS)

W0EEC - CM87tm

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