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Re: AO40 U-AGC question

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 8:29 am, Estes Wayne-W10191 wrote:

> Wayne replies:
> Actually, I DON'T run more uplink power when I have tree obstructions. 
> More uplink power doesn't help me hear other stations.  When I have tree
> obstructions I don't hear as well and I don't operate as much.  Like I
> clearly wrote in a previous message my uplink power is usually slightly
> less than "LEILA bait", 6 to 7 dB below the beacon.  I back off the power
> when operating CW or when somebody gives me an unusually good signal
> report.

Actually I bet you do and dont even know it... you will turn up the power 
until you "sound good" on your return... only natural.... less receive  means 
more uplink needed... even if you dont, your signal is already too hot, you 
would need to drop another 3 db and then you would be saying leila who???

the recomended amount is beacon - 9/10

> A much larger dish would only give me a modest improvement because the
> extra gain would be significantly offset by increased tree attenuation and
> a larger portion of the orbit obstructed by trees.  That's because in my
> case a much larger dish would be mounted closer to the ground and closer to
> the trees.  To varying degrees this tends to be true for everybody because
> it's not practical to put a big dish as high as a small dish.
 so another 3db of gain from a 3 foot dish in place of your 2 footer wouldnt 
be worth it ??? 1 s unit??? hmmmm

I run a 3 foot on the roof with no problem...

> When will anyone learn that with this sat in the mode its in right now...
> this little receive big transmit caca ain't gonna cut it......
> Wayne replies:
> If it makes you feel better I will say that I just pretended to make 132
> AO40 contacts during FD with my 2-foot dish, patch feed, 0.7 dB NF preamp. 
> And all the other stations (mostly with small dishes) just pretended to
> hear me.

doesnt make me feel one way or another... I dont give a rats rear how many 
contacts you have made...  what does that prove??? 

you could be beacon level  and a total lid and still make gobs of contacts...

bottom line Wayne, is do whatever you want to do... your going to anyway...

but a 2 foot dish is not enough even under the best of conditions....

been there done that...  S1 is dead... if it wasnt we wouldnt be having this 

the point that everyone is trying to make is.... if you run the lowest power 
needed to have an enjoyable QSO then we all win...

and to do that you need a top notch receive system... 

Field Day could have been much better than it was......


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