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Re: Which is better: TS-2000 or FT-847

My thanks to everyone who answered my request for knowledge. 

Robert Oler wrote:

>The only real answer you can give the guy is "I do not own either radio"
>and then it seems to me you might add "I dont know anyone who does so I 
>went out to the AMSAT BBS which you could do and ask the question."

That was my first suggestion, but he does not have e-mail capability, so I
went to the BBS on his behalf. 

Emily Clarke wrote:

>In the role of Area Coordinator I wonder if you should answer that 
>question - what if he's unhappy with the selection afterwards?  It could 
>reflect badly on the organization. I've found radio selection to be a very 
>personal matter.  Instead of telling him which is better, why not help him 
>compare features, talk to people who own them, and let him reach his own 

The proper role of an Area Coordinator is to say "I don't know but I will find
someone who does and get back to you". I can't answer his question but I am
printing the replies that were sent to me and will forward them to him. Then
he can make his own decision. 

Many useful replies came directly back to me as I requested, so there is more
information to pass on than what you see posted on the BBS. I can send a
summary to anyone else who is interested.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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