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RE: RE: 847 vs. TS-2000

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003, Alan P. Biddle wrote:

 >I don't know if it is a CON vice the TS-2000, but a basic CON of the FT-847
 >is a mediocre frequency stability with changes in temperature.  It does
 >"meet specs," but those specs are not very tight.  That having been said, I
 >have used an FT-847 for nearly 5 years with great results and have no desire
 >to replace it.
Hi have both the RTX and I'm very happy....

I think 847 is little better for V-UHF on SSB; transmitting on SSB with
TS-2000 in 70 or 23 cm., the output power is lower than using the same
conditions on 847.... For example, setting 10 W on 70 cm. in FT-847 I have
an output of about 7-8W, doing the same with TS-2000 I have ongly 2-3(4) W
on output, the ALC in TS-2000 seems to work a lot, like TS-790, but for
this one there is a "patch" for hacking the ALC...

'73 de Piero IZ1ERR 
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