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Re: bad choice of words

Hi Greg:

> I think everone's views are important, I may not agree with alot that has
> been said this last week on the amsat-bb but I do respect the next persons
> ideas and thought. I hold no grudges agianst anyone for what they have or
> have not said in supporting AMSAT directions.

You wrote in a previous reply to Bob:
"WHY ARE YOU SO AFRADE OF THE TRUTH BOB,    you know playing darts is also a
random act. why dont we just put the issues on a dart board and throw darts
at it and see what we hit, or put the issues on a wheel and play the price
is right.

and if the typical return of all member survey is only 5% then that must
mean only 5% gives a rats #$% to step up and be heard and the other 95% dont
care, I cant believe that 95% dont care enough to reply to a survey that
involves their membership money and how it is spent (on what projects), and
by the way why would anyone have a AX to grid anyway, has any of the BoD's
given anyone a reason to have a AX to grind.

so you wish to only sample 200 out of 4000 members, boy glad we dont vote
for our public officals in this manner". <<<<<<<<<<

Note:  The formatting and spelling of the above are verbatim from the
original posting.

This was NOT respectful of someone's ideas and thoughts, nor was it
respectful of the difficult job that the BoD performs, or of the members of
the BoD.

Several people have very patiently written to describe how and why
statistical sampling surveys are taken and how well they work.  So far, your
attitude has seemed to be: "Dont confuse me with the facts, my mind is made

It sounds to me like the BoD are open to constructive criticism and new
ideas.  There have been some very good ideas presented on the BBS, but
recently there have also been a lot of snide remarks and second guessing
from Monday morning quarterbacks, critical of BoD decisions on the BBS.
Some of these comments have been very selfish and even childish.

There have been comments that implied that the BoD and AMSAT Officers were
hiding financial information and decisions, when in fact, all of this
information is published and readily available.

These types of comments will only accomplish more reductions in membership
and could lead to a fractured and crippled organization.

As long as I am on my "soap box", I have been amazed at the number of
non-members who complain about BoD decisions and the way that AMSAT is
operated.  A non-member has NO right to complain about an organization that
he does not help to support.

If all of the regular users of the satellites were to join AMSAT, I doubt
that we would have financial problems.  Hams are notoriously "cheap", myself
included.  However, I think that people who operate on the satellites on a
regular, or long-term basis, should help to support and fund what they use.


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