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Conference on Small Satellites

Some very constructive notes have been placed on the AMSAT-bb. Possibly
our group is not aware of the massive effort going forward with the
construction of small satellites.  Most are built with commercial
interest, some by universities with education in mind.  From Aug 11 to
14 at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, papers will be presented by
all interests and government.  Please, take a few moments to appreciate
massive small satellite activity outside of AMSAT:
It may require a search to find the content of 40 technical papers
to be presented as well as a number of student papers.  Thirteen
universities will be present competing for student scholarships.  Two
of the committee members are our own AMSAT's ARISS Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
and Jan King, W3GEY. Five others are well known in the satellite field.
     Cal Poly will be there as well.  We will be most happy to meet any
AMSAT member that can make the conference.  Do let me repeat the thought
that there is much similar effort underway outside of AMSAT!!
Cliff K7RR

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