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Re The Survey

I am all for letting the AMSAT NA board decide what the money should be
spent on, based on the assumption (I'm naive some of the time) that they
talk to other AMSAT boards throughout the world and know what other packages
are being developed and when they are planned to be deployed.
 We need a variety of transponders of differeing capabilities in differing
orbits to enable our hobby to move forward. Sometime we will want to use
narrowband TV and digital voice and who knows what else?

I would like to see a single shorthand listing of all packages being
developed worldwide so we know where Eagle etc fits in, like the weekly
satellite report,
but parked on the AMSAT site. We will probably
then realise that AMSAT NA made the right choices in the first place.

If you want to bump up the membership, perhaps we need to ask those inactive
members and those who left. Why? and then look at how their grouches can be
addressed. This could be done relativelty cheaply via the bulletin board.


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