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Re: V31WD

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Emily Clarke wrote:

> This is pretty funny - the west coast pass of UO-14 today at 18:00Z was so
> empty that I spent 12 minutes calling CQ to myself.
> I wonder - is it that the FM birds are overloaded? Or just overloaded over
> large population areas?

Its like going to the beach around here.  When the weather is perfect,
duh... every one wants to go to the beach.  THen they Bi#$% all about all
the other jerks on the road causing a traffic jam...  duh...  and it takes
4+ hours for a 2 hour trip.

Travel ANY OTHER time of the week, and its a smooth ride.  duh...

But boy listen to them complain and say we need more roads, fewer drivers,
more beaches, and more guns so they can shoot each other in the road
rage... (on the weekend holidays (think FD))...


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