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Re: Take the survey - MEISSE REPLY -

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003, Greg Wycoff wrote:

> A sampled survey will not tell the facts. a complete survey of ALL members
> is needed, I know that you will not get a complete return in the issued
> survey, but if you only took a sampled survey you may be sampling those who
> have no involvment in satellite communications or could care less as how
> AMSAT is ran or the direction it is going.

Ah, but since the typical return on an ALL MEMBER survey is 5%, that
means it only takes about a 5% minority with an AX to grind to totally
skew the results of an all member survey.

> Why would you only want to know what a small % wants instead of what the
> majority wants.

Because that is the scientific method.  Randomly sampling and then getting
near 100% on that sample is statistically sound.  Conversly, asking
everyone with an opinion to respond is unscientific, and only gets the
opinions of the verbal minority...


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