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Re: Sampling survey

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From: "Robert McGwier" >
> I think overall, this is a poor idea.  Elect people
> you believe will do a good job and if they cock it
> up, elect someone else.
> Bob
> N4HY
Well said.

I hate to admit this, but there are times when the BOD do things for the
best reasons that go against many members wishes. We all are not privy to as
much as they are, have not all heard the complete story most of the time.
Not to say the transfer of information could not be better! There is a world
of room for improvement in that area.

Fact is AMSAT is not a democracy. It is a republic. We elect those who we
think will vote our way, and hope they follow our will, or we remove them
the next time.

73, Drew KO4MA

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