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Sampling survey

Gunther and others:

Do a sampling survey is a truly serious and tricky
undertaking.  The very best opinion/survey firms
I can think of, ones you have all heard of, can
and regularly do make a real hash of doing the
sampling.  Our total universe, 4000 members, makes
sampling this group and getting accurate results
upon which the organization could actually base
policy a tricky piece of work at best.  The cost of
doing this right must surely be prohibitive.

A mailed survey is also problematic.  What you are
trying to do with this (I suppose) is to find
out why the inactive have become inactive, what
the active and inactive want.  A mailed survey
is NEVER a random sample of the membership since
the already committed will return them (at best).

I think overall, this is a poor idea.  Elect people
you believe will do a good job and if they cock it
up, elect someone else.


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