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RE: (lack of) Eagle information


You are quite correct about the lack of information about Eagle on the Web
site. This can also be said about ARISS.  While we look for a volunteer to
rectify that situation you can find articles on Eagle in the AMSAT Journal
and Proceedings of AMSAT Annual meetings.

Proceedings 2000: "So You want to Build a Satellite!" by Dick Jansson WD4FAB

Proceedings 2002: "So You want to Build a Satellite! - Revisited" by Dick
Jansson WD4FAB 

AMSAT Journal Jul/Aug 2003: "Autodesk Case Study: Radio Amateur Satellite
Corp." by DLT Solutions of Herndon, Va. 
There may be other documentation but unfortunately there's not nearly
enough. We have had two major design meetings (Denver in July 2001, Orlando
Sep 2002). We have established the basic mechanical and thermal design and
have evaluated launch and orbit alternatives.  Some of the electronic
modules are being actively developed for use in both Eagle and P3E

We have a great deal of work to do before Eagle will be launched. We are
looking for volunteers to do RF design and to update the information on
AMSAT's (your) Web page.

P.S., Slurs against Board members are unproductive.  They are just AMSAT
members trying to do their best to serve the whole AMSAT community.  A
thankless job, I have discovered. When was the last time you thanked a Board
member for his/her service?



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Eagle. Is that an AMSAT-NA project?  HA.

  Careful, we don't want to sound like we're too critical of the web master 
or we risk getting the job of having to find another volunteer to fill a 
vacancy. Besides, he probably decided to just put in only the information 
about Eagle that was on the minds of the board members at their last board 
meeting. Nothing more, nothing less.


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