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Re: where does our money go?

I'd agree you need a printed journal.  My local contest club did away 
with a paper newsletter a couple years ago to save costs.  It did save 
costs (I'm the treasurer and so I know this), but it also killed the 
newsletter.  I don't remember when the last one was published and put 
on the web.  And even when they were published, I think I may have read 
and downloaded one of them.

I see no problem with putting pdf's or whatever on the web.  But AMSAT 
should not stop publishing the journal.



On Friday, Jul 11, 2003, at 18:00 America/Chicago, Arthur H Feller 

> [3] Many people prefer the print edition, especially those without 
> computers and those who prefer reading in the bed or bathroom (really, 
> we've heard these comments).  Many would prefer an electronic version, 
> if it were available, because it saves space, could add color, and 
> could be delivered much more quickly.  Some see a printed Journal as 
> having a better archival value and appearance (and this doesn't even 
> begin to speak to formats which we produce today being readable in 20 
> years).  At the same time, we've been producing a searchable CD-ROM 
> version of the Journal.  (See Martha for copies.)
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