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Re: FEC version of P3T

Stacey E. Mills wrote:

> P3T upgraded to decode AO-40 FEC encoded Telemetry

Along the same lines, I have released a new version of my AO-40 FEC 
prototype software for Linux. This version includes a much-improved 
DBPSK demodulator plus a utility patterned after one by VP9MU to 
reconstruct 512-byte A-blocks out of decoded 256-byte FEC blocks. I've 
used PA3FWM's AO40TLMVIEW program for Linux to display the reconstructed 
512-byte blocks.

The URL is


The only hardware needed is a sound card that can sample at 9600 +/- 2 
Hz and produce 16-bit linear PCM. A Pentium II/III/4 CPU (or the AMD 
equivalent) is preferred to make use of the MMX/SSE/SSE2 multimedia 
instructions for speed.

This software is still under development, but it's starting to work 
pretty well. Real-time demodulation and decoding on a 1 GHz Pentium III 
takes only 4-5% of the CPU.


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