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Hi, Vince,

At 07:52 PM 14-07-03 -0600, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL wrote:
>I'd like to see the breakdown of what went to SpaceQuest, what reserves 
>went to Echo or will go to Echo, and what piddling amount has gone to EAGLE.
>Can you(will you) do that for us Art? or is that confidential info members 
>aren't allowed know?

All AMSAT finances are open to Members.  If you've been at any annual 
meeting for more than a decade, you have seen me offer copies of our 
Federal tax returns and audited financial statements.  Curiously, I've had 
few takers.  It's good to see some interest.  [Federal Form 990 tax returns 
for 1999 through 2001 are available on amsat.org and other sources.]

As a practical matter, I'm not sure how to answer your questions.  Expenses 
are funded by a combination of dues, donations, other revenue, and reserve 
funds, as appropriate at the time, and not from a single source.  The 
choice depends on current revenue along with the state of our investments 
and the market.  Given the current economic situation, nothing is constant 
or predictable.

Also, if I recall the numbers correctly, I would not characterize the 
amount spent so far on Eagle (which used to be called JJ) as piddling.

The last audited financial report should answer your questions about what 
we've spent during FY/CY 2001 and 2002 on all AMSAT projects.  (Annual 
audited financial reports normally cover a two year period.)  If you'd like 
a copy, please, call the office.  Also, the office produces a monthly 
unaudited financial report used by the Board and Officers for more up to 
date information.  You're welcome to a copy as well.

As far as what money WILL go to AO-E or Eagle or any other project, that's 
up to the Board.  The Board uses an informal budget document for planning 
purposes, which they have chosen not to publish.  However, all is open for 
review and discussion at Board meetings.  See you in October!

FYI: I'm home at the moment and keep nothing here - all data are in the 
office which is why I've given you no numbers.  Will be in the office this 
afternoon (Tuesday).  Do call.

Hope this helps.

73, art..... 
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