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Re: Take the survey

I don't know if it would be a good idea to poll Amsat membership with a 
survey on funding for projects, because it could leave some board members 
with a guilty feeling after board meetings.  We want them all to be happy, 
don't we?

At 01:14 AM 7/14/03 -0500, "Robert Oler" <cvn65vf94@msn.com> wrote:
>Hello Cliff
>Online poll...I'll go first
>>1)  Are you in favor with the continuation of the SAREX expenditure
>>program?  If not what SINGLE suggestion would you make to change it?<<
>someone else pay for it.  AMSAT should end all financial suport of a ham 
>radio on ISS until there is a repeater/transponder/APRS machine that 
>shares equal billing with the NASA educational machine.  I give up why 
>cant NASA pay for it.  A friend who is a strow is off to a few schools to 
>do the ED thing.  I bet the strow office's travel budget for Station 
>contacts is in the 6 digits.
>>2)  Do you want to continue hard copy rather than electronic copy of
>>AMSAT JOURNAL and would you pay say $5 per year additional for that?<<
>This is a toughy.  One cannot buy life membership in AWST but a few years 
>ago they had a sale on that I took advantage of that for the cost of life 
>membership in several orgs (ARRL, AMSAT, USNI..etc) I "bought" AWST until 
>well a lot of decades from now.  I'd probably summon the angels of my 
>better nature and pass on the hard copy if the savings were spent well.
>>3)  Submit a figure between zero and 100 percent what ratio should be
>>expended on EAGLE and ECHO.  Submit a ratio for FM simplex and data.<<
>I would vote 100 percent for more AO-10 and AO-13 birds.
>>4)  Do you feel elitist by joining the Presidents Club?<< no not a member
>>5)  Are you willing to actively participate in an equal measure with
>>as much effort as is necessary to replace ARISS's recruitment effort?<<OK 
>>how many have they recruited?
>>6)  Would you participate in an E-mail information pool to aid the
>>Area Coordinators who simply do not have all the answers?<<  Yes
>>7)  Should life members be asked to volunteer funds equivalent to dues
>>every few years or is participation in the Presidents Club sufficient?<<
>>another post
>>8)  Are you a Grumpy Old Man or just grumpy?<< Neither.  I am low 40's 
>>very happy in life, about to make a carreer change but have loved every 
>>minute of the last one.  Being "The Old Man" for the last bunch of years 
>>has been a blast.  A happy point in life is that I can without reference 
>>"read" the morse on RUN SILENT RUN DEEP and can build patch 
>>antennas/preamps for GPS which are the envy of Clear Lake City Houston TX 
>>and that includes a few of the bright boys/girls at NASA.  Heck the 
>>investment that the US gov made in Engineering degrees paid off.
>Your should know in my spare time I run a 1.8 million dollar 501C4 
>org...check out the Clear Lake Citty Community Association web site.
>Robert WB5MZO
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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