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Re: AO-40 Field Day Telemetry suggestion

It would be pretty easy to just change the rules to give more points to
stations running "QRP".  If double (or triple) points were awarded for
keeping the radiated power down, then competitors could "win" and still stay
within whatever engineers say is healthy for the birds.  In fact to "win"
you would have to limit your power.

There is a precedent, many of the HF contests have a "QRP" category and
those folks often have the highest total scores.  For satellites, go ahead
and allow QRO contacts but give them such low points that those ops are
guaranteed not to win.  The honor system would probably work.  Participents
(who cared) could recognize a QRO station on contest day and then check the
final scores to see if they claimed the QRP multiplier.  It seems to work at
HF...not many ops run KW's and claim to be QRP even though they could.  Word
gets around.

A side benefit would be that all participants would have to stop and think
about their radiated power level.

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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> Just to added precisions on the penalty points system, i suggest this
system ONLY  for contest on AO-40. I'm
> not suggesting to create a policy state anyware but a dererrent way to
avoid working contest in an
> uncontrolled mode.

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